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I start by discussing the brand narrative because it was the most important aspect of our entire ad campaign. The store for which I was responsible for marketing had great potential to become a viral brand because the products they sell are neither expensive nor targeted at very demanding customers – the intention was to create competition for AliExpress.

I decided that the brand message should be „we’re your buddy, we know the trends, we can make you laugh.” In this case, gaining views and entertaining the audience was much more important than creating a sense of high professionalism because our ideal customer didn’t need that. The content we created initially built the perception of the brand as a cool friend.

We also used a mascot for our store, which we named „Shopus” (Diminutive of ,shop”). Its purpose is to be a our customers friend.



This company had a large marketing budget. I used it to plan and direct our in-house graphic designer to create many different graphics. I wrote various texts and organized many variations to see what worked best after some testing.

I think the different paid ad variations worked well for our brand narrative, and I would like to show some of the most creative concepts, in addition to the simple product ads and promotions that I also created.


Paid posts were also both sales-oriented and created for brand promotion. 



The text on the first graphic is „Do you agree with rising prices in Poland?” – with answers „yes” and „no”. And on the second one, it’s „Which free shipping time do you prefer?” – with answers „3 days” and „3 weeks”.

Votes on obvious answers to these questions were set as a „Love” reaction, which allowed us to easily gather a lot of positive reactions (hearts) under the post. Additionally – as intended, people started, for example in the post about high prices in Poland, to insult the government of our country, and even our brand for asking a stupid question – but it was intentional and gave us a really nice reach boost.

Stupid comparisons


Another group of ads relied on humorous comparisons based on stereotypes that are both funny and controversial, making them great for engaging people in the comments. In the first graphic, we make a comparison that „proves” a hair tool is more valuable than a man, for example: Hair tool – takes care of you, while a man – doesn’t even buy you flowers. In the second, similarly, for example: Dashcam – gives you safety and peace of mind, while a woman – annoys you.

Again, this is a controversial ad, but that’s exactly its purpose – and it fits perfectly with our brand messaging.



As I mentioned earlier, we wanted to build strong relationships with our customers by being their „friends,” so we also posted this kind of content on social media.

In addition to the posts, we also held contests for shopping vouchers in our store.



As always, I tested many variants to choose the best performing ad.

For example:


🕒 W dzisiejszych czasach niskie ceny produktów to za mało…

🤝 Aby zyskać zaufanie ludzi, trzeba także zachować ich jakość oraz szybki czas wysyłki. To właśnie zrobiliśmy!

🛒 Od gadżetów, przez elektronikę aż do akcesoriów kuchennych, w naszym sklepie znajdziesz wszystkie potrzebne Ci produkty!


🛍️ To jest trio, którego potrzebuje każdy klient.

💸 Niskie ceny ograniczone czasowo, pospiesz się

👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈


🕒 Nowadays, low product prices are not enough…

🤝 To earn people’s trust, you also need to maintain quality and fast shipping. That’s exactly what we’ve done!

🛒 From gadgets and electronics to kitchen accessories, you’ll find all the products you need in our store!


🛍️ This is the trio every customer needs.

💸 Limited-time low prices, hurry up

👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈


Nikt: Nic 😶😶😶


Święty Mikołaj gdy odkrył nasze niskie ceny: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

🎅 Spraw swoim bliskim radość na Święta i kup tanio

Spiesz się! Promocja zaraz zniknie…

👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈


Nobody: Nothing 😶😶😶

Santa Claus when he discovered our low prices: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

🎅 Bring joy to your loved ones this Christmas and buy at a bargain price

Hurry! This offer won’t last long…

👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈


🚗 Bezpieczeństwo jazdy w okazyjnej cenie!

🚀 …dla kierowców, którzy cenią sobie bezpieczeństwo i komfort.

🛡️ Chcesz czuć się bezpiecznie w każdej podróży? Wybierz naszą kamerę i zapewnij sobie spokój ducha.

🛒 Daj sobie i swojemu samochodowi to, co najlepsze. Skorzystaj z niezwykłej promocji i kup kamerę już teraz!

👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈


🚗 Drive Safe at an Affordable Price!

🚀 …for drivers who value safety and comfort.

🛡️ Want to feel secure on every journey? Choose our camera and ensure your peace of mind.

🛒 Give yourself and your car the best. Take advantage of this amazing promotion and buy your camera now!

👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈
👉 (there is link to website) 👈




In addition to standard content, I also focused on video content due to the fact that a significant portion of our ideal customers are young people who are primarily consumers of short-form video (TikTok/Youtube Shorts/Instagram & Facebook Reels).

Our video content was 100% based on youth trends and influencers, just as shown in the films next to it.